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Preview: KidsFest! 2020 presented by ABA Productions


From 31st January to 16th February, ABA Productions is bringing back KidsFest!, set to dazzle young audience members with four world-class theatre productions adapted from exciting and well-known children’s books.

Bringing together Scamp Theatre, Selladoor Family, Rockefeller Productions and Tall Stories, KidsFest! is set to present shows that the entire family can enjoy together. The four productions are: The Gruffalo, Stick Man, The Gruffalo’s Child and for the first time in Singapore, Mr Men and Little Miss, bringing the beloved Roger Hargreaves’ characters to life on stage.

In The Gruffalo, which has been playing since 2001, Tall Stories’ magical, musical adaptation of the award-winning picture book has toured the UK, Europe, North America, Asia and Australia – including runs in London’s West End, on Broadway and at Sydney Opera House. Join Mouse on a daring adventure through the deep, dark wood as he learns how to protect himself against the ferocious beasts that hide in the woods…with a tall tale of an even scarier beast that may or may not exist!

In the sequel, The Gruffalo’s Child, expect songs, laughs and slightly scary fun for the whole family. Here, follow the Gruffalo’s Child on her adventurous mission, as she ignores her father’s warnings about the Big Bad Mouse and tiptoes out into the deep dark wood. She follows snowy tracks and encounters mysterious creatures – but the Big Bad Mouse doesn’t really exist… does he?

In another adaptation by the authors of The Gruffalo children’s book, ABA Productions brings back the ‘fantastick’ Stick Man, featuring a trio of top actors and is packed full of puppetry, songs, live music and funky moves. Stick Man lives in the family tree with his Sticky Lady Love and their stick children three, but the world outside the family tree is a dangerous place for Stick Man. A dog wants to play fetch with him, a swan builds a nest with him and he even ends up on a fire! Will Stick Man ever get back to the family tree?

Finally, Selladoor Family and Rockefeller Productions’ adaptation of Mr Men and Little Miss comes to Singapore for the first time, letting audience members marvel at how the beloved Mr. Men and Little Miss characters leap off the page and onto the stage – as puppets – in this beautifully crafted and hilarious live stage show. For almost 50 years, Mr. Men and Little Misses have brought joy to millions of children all over the world through self-expression, colour, simplicity and humour, and audience members from child to adult will fall in love again with the unforgettable Mr Bump, Little Miss Sunshine, Mr Tickle, Little Miss Inventor and many more in the colourful world of Happyland.

Don’t miss this chance to catch these critically acclaimed shows that have toured in London’s West End, Broadway and more, and whether you’re a child or find yourself needing to reconnect with the child inside, KidsFest! 2020 promises a rollicking good time with each of these tales from your favourite bedtime stories.

KidsFest! 2020 runs from 31st January to 16th February 2020 at the Victoria Theatre. Tickets available from SISTIC

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