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Review: Late Night Bingo by Andsoforth


Andsoforth goes digital with a joyous bingo night laced with their signature brand of humour and entertainment.

Combating the COVID-19 pandemic is no easy feat. We’re more than a month into it, and most of us have already baked ourselves silly, or already blazed through our to watch lists on Netflix. With entertainment options so limited, you might be surprised to learn that Singapore’s foremost immersive theatre company Andsoforth has a solution: Late Night Bingo.

While most theatre companies have been relying on streaming archival footage of their shows, Andsoforth has managed to conceptualise and launch an all-new ‘show’ during the circuit breaker period. Taking place online and via their usual ‘secret’ location (in this case, a link), Late Night Bingo effectively takes Andsoforth’s off beat, absurd brand of humour online.

Late Night Bingo invites participants to come with an open mind and arm themselves with their zaniest Zoom backgrounds as Andsoforth founders themselves Stuart Wee and Emily Png elevate an ordinary game of bingo to new heights. Despite it being late, emcee Stuart’s energy and over the top afro immediately lifts our mood when we see him on our screens, introducing us to the game’s mechanics, and newly introduced twists.

Emcee Stuart Wee

Twists? Absolutely. For the most part, participants are essentially playing a game of bingo online, marking off numbers every round until they qualify for a prize while Andsoforth rolls an actual bingo cage filled with numbers. But it’s not all down to the luck of the draw, as Andsoforth has included plenty of other activities to boost each participant’s points, as well as ways to keep things fresh throughout the night. 

An actual bingo cage being used, with a guest appearance from Andsoforth’s feline assistant

Mini-games such as quizzes, for example, gave participants a potential leg up by awarding them extra points. Other times, Andsoforth would feature live performances from their secret guest stars entering the room, ranging from rap verses to Japanese songs.

But of course, the most exciting moments arose when someone nailed a bingo, giving them a chance to spin the rainbow wheel of prizes and win them a mystery prize. From tickets to Andsoforth’s upcoming show Around the World in 80 Days, to whole bottles of alcohol, to even a massive pack of toilet rolls, every prize was a surprise, and kept us all on our toes throughout the evening.

While simple in concept, Andsoforth’s execution of their Late Night Bingo was sincere, on brand, and above all, fun. It’s experiences like these that make you truly believe that there’s still good live entertainment to be had even during the circuit breaker, working within limits to still produce something worth being a part of, regardless of how far apart we may be.

One last Late Night Bingo session will take place online on 23rd May 2020. Tickets available from Andsoforth’s website here

Andsoforth’s next production, Around the World in 80 Days, is currently set to run from 6th August to 31st October 2020 at a secret location. Tickets to that production are also available from their website here


1 comment on “Review: Late Night Bingo by Andsoforth

  1. Looks like an absolutely amazing event. I hope everyone had fun playing bingo.


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