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All Dressed Up (No Place to Go): L’arietta set to premiere new opera composed for digital viewing

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This June, local opera company L’arietta productions is set to premiere a brand new work composed specifically for the digital medium. Titled All Dressed Up (No Place to Go), the production acts as an official prequel to American composer Michael Ching’s popular contemporary opera Speed Dating Tonight.

To craft the work, L’arietta worked closely with Michael Ching himself, with the intention to keep operatic performances alive even while social distancing, to be enjoyed from the comfort of our homes. Directed by Eleanor Tan with music directed by Aloysius Foong, the production will premiere on 12th June on L’arietta’s Facebook page, and follow a group of people who sing about their dreams, anxiety, and hope as they all adjust to the times.

But All Dressed Up (No Place to Go) isn’t a one-off event; over the next eight weeks, a new character will be introduced through their brand new aria, followed by a glimpse into their day, all through social media. These characters will be played by L’arietta’s cast comprising Brent Allcock, Leslie Tay, Akiko Otao, Christina The, Reuben Lai, Grace Kuo, Alan Lau and Vanessa Kee.

Conceived as an operatic response transmitted to the world, at the click of a button, join the Watch Party on Facebook Live this Friday at 8pm (Singapore time) for the world premiere of Dressed Up (No Place to Go), along with a post-show chat with Eleanor Tan and Michael Ching.

All Dressed Up (No Place to Go) premieres 12th June 2020 at 8pm on L’arietta’s Facebook page


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