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Music Is: Jam with Discover by Circles.Life this July with local music performances + An Interview with Rao Zi Jie, Wei Lun and Wilson Wong

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For the month of July, Discover by Circles.Life will be hosting two shows as part of the Jam with Discover series. Each show features a specially curated line-up of musicians with similar musical styles and sensibilities, aimed to created an evocative musical experience for audiences. Both shows will be performed live and audiences can access the stream through Zoom.

The first show will feature Rao Zi Jie (from NOC), Wei Lun (formerly from TSL) and Wilson Wong (from Cold Cut Duo) and will take place on 19th July. Themed as a mandopop night, the soulful trio will be performing their favourite covers of songs from the likes of JJ Lin and Eric Chou, as well as original songs. The performance will take place live from studio, and streamed live on Zoom. The three artists will also be taking live song requests from the audience during the show. Read our interview with all three artists in full below:

Bakchormeeboy: First and foremost, can you 3 share how has it been during this unprecedented times, what have you been up to, to keep the creative juices flowing and to keep active.

Rao Zi Jie: It has been really hard for the performers, because you know for people like me, we earn via gigs and shows, and all of a sudden we were forced to stop going to work. But also because of this, I actually have more time for myself to think of what to do and create more content for my audience. 

Wei Lun: Actually I find it easier to be more active in music because of the fact that it can get pretty boring being at home so often. Hence, I’m able to focus more on my hobbies which is music.

Wilson Wong: Since CB started I’ve been quite busy with producing music especially for my band The Cold Cut Duo and also for my assignments in school @ The Songwriter Music College. Been exploring writing different kind of songs for my upcoming EP and also doing some short covers on Youtube for the fans! 🙂

Bakchormeeboy: Coming together to rehearse hasn’t been as easy as before, could you guys share how you are preparing for this?

Zi Jie: To be honest, none of us have encountered this situation before. We were quite nervous at first. But as we communicated via our texting platform, I realised that at the end of the day we just need to trust each other. 

Wei Lun:  I think we just wanna keep things fun and candid so we don’t want to stress ourselves out too much and pretty much just jam it out and have fun. Sometimes, spontaneity can really turn out better than expected.

Wilson: It’s easier for Zi Jie and I to rehearse as we meet each other quite often, whether outside or during class, but if not, we’ve actually been contacting each other quite frequently to discuss how we want the concert to be, even for Wei Lun and I haha.

Bakchormeeboy: Having always engaged the community a lot through your previous/current jobs. Could you share what is how important is the engagement, responsibility and to understand the community of people you’re working towards and in this case playing music to.

Zi Jie: As a performer or entertainer, is my job to keep them entertained! This is very important because their happiness define our job ethnicity. 

Wei Lun: As cliche as it sounds, just gotta be yourself. We love music, so I guess we just truly enjoy the process of playing music and I think people will be engaged by the passion we show in our craft. 

Bakchormeeboy: Themed as a mandopop night. You guys would be playing songs from your favourite artists, Could you share one artist you drew inspiration from, and also share your favourite song from them?

Zi Jie: I guess anybody who knows me would know about this answer, haha. Jay Chou, because he inspired me since I was still studying in primary school. 黑色幽默 is my favourite song because this is the song that makes me go crazy for him. I can still remember that feeling when I first heard that intro. 

Wei Lun: As for Mandopop, i don’t really have a favourite singer but it would be David Tao if I have to choose. Personally, I just relate to his style of music more. I like how some of his songs are very well crafted in terms of the vocals.

Wilson: I draw my inspiration mainly from singers like JJ Lin, Eric Chou, OSN, Ne-yo, Marz23, EDEN and a few more, however the one that sticks close to my heart is JJ Lin has he has always been my inspiration and motivation since I was 13. However my favourite song right now is Coconut Tree by Ching G Squad where OSN’s from.

Bakchormeeboy: This will be performed on Zoom. Could you guys share how you would be engaging with audience members besides playing song requests?

Zi Jie: I guess besides playing song requests, we have time for audience to interact with us during the Q&A. For people who wants to know more about us or in fact more about this industry. (Suitable for people who are still struggling in this industry)

Wei Lun:  I guess just watching us chit chatting with each other maybe? I’ve never met them in real life so I guess you’ll see me making friends with them first hand. It would be a candid moment for everyone to watch.

Wilson: We have discussed and we felt that we should communicate with the audiences and also share more of about us among the 3 of us through conversations! We believe the audiences would love to know us on a closer level, thus we’ll be doing that! 🙂

Bakchormeeboy: I managed to just look through your profiles to see what you guys have been doing in terms of your songs of choice and it’s rather different from each other. How did you guys decide the setlist for this show? 

Zi Jie: Haha, this is simple. I told them. All Jay Chou songs will be for me!

Wei Lun: Well I guess just got to be open minded and it’s interesting to have singers of different styles coming together to jam. I guess there’s some sort of variety to the show.

Wilson: For myself, I choose songs that best show my strengths and vocals and also if I feel comfortable singing them! They are also one of my favourite songs! 🙂

Bakchormeeboy:  At times like this, Its always nice to see partners (for this instance Discover by Circles.Life) coming together to encourage the creatives to continue to create and to do what they like. Could you share how these initiatives continue to encourage the 3 of you?

Zi Jie: Because we perform for a living and because of the pandemic, we kinda lost our jobs for months. It has been tough ever since the CB period started. We miss the stage so much and can’t wait to perform at the public. Thank you Circles.Life for making this happen! Lastly, never take things for granted and enjoy the stage when you are on it!!!

Wei Lun: It’s really about creating this music community, getting together to jam and enjoying what we love as a group. It’s always fun to hang with people who share the same interest.

Wilson: We are definitely humbled to be invited by Circles.Life to be part of their programme and what we want to do is to do a good show for them as well as our audiences! 🙂 Moving forward, we hope to have a long term partnership with Circles.Life, yay!

Jam w Discover_lewandjoie.jpg

Meanwhile, the second show will feature indie singer-songwriters LEW and Joie Tan and will be streamed live from studio on 26th July through Zoom. The duo will be performing their hit duets ‘Red Flags’ and ‘Baby Steps’ as well as other original songs by both artists. Apart from their music collaborations, LEW and Joie are also extremely good friends behind the scenes. During the show, they will be doing a special discussion segment about being brave and standing up for what you believe in. After their performance, they will host a short Q&A session for fans.

Tickets for the shows can be purchased here (19th July) and here (26th July), with performances taking place on Zoom. All ticket purchasers will also receive 3-months access to high quality music streaming from TIDAL (worth almost S$60).

Check out more things to do with Circles.Life’s Discover app here


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