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Help Teater Ekamatra raise $10k with their AMBOI! fundraising challenge and unlock a Zoom mini theatre festival!


Initially set for a fantastic season, with stagings of plays such as a Malay version of Chong Tze Chien’s Poop!, like much of the industry, Teater Ekamatra was hit hard by the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions on entertainment venues, seeing a near complete cancellation of all their shows for 2020. Now, more than ever, they need your help to get through these tough times, as they launch their AMBOI! fundraising campaign.

Taking place over five weeks, from 24th July to 31st August 2020, AMBOI! is set to encourage the community to donate to Ekamatra’s future efforts, while capitalising on a unique multiplier effect which will see every dollar being “upsized” to $4. AMBOI!, a colloquial Malay word that expresses wonderment, the fundraising challenge is an invitation for supporters of theatre to champion diversity and the work of Teater Ekamatra in creating platforms for ethnic minority voices.

This campaign was made possible by a private donor who has generously committed to a dollar-for-dollar matching for all donations up to $10,000. The total amount will then be doubled through the Cultural Matching Fund (CMF). By amplifying individual giving efforts in this way, Teater Ekamatra is hoping to encourage both loyal and first-time donors to contribute to its ongoing work in safeguarding the future of the arts and ensuring that minority voices have a place within it, especially in this time of crisis and isolation.

“Behind our fun challenge is a serious appeal for support. This is a difficult time for everyone in the industry, big and small. While grappling with this reality, Teater Ekamatra is looking at how it can sustain its efforts in championing diverse voices within the polyphony of Singapore’s multicultural society. We have been doing this urgent work for over 30 years, and it remains urgent. We want to be able to continue for another 30 years, and beyond,” says Mohd Fared Jainal, Teater Ekamatra’s Artistic Director.

The funds raised will help to support Teater Ekamatra’s future programmes, including upcoming digital projects such as a reimagining of recently cancelled production Berak; children’s programme Mat Champion; its long-running Playwright Mentorship Programme; and Baca Skrip, a new Zoom play reading series. It will also cover overhead expenses such as rental and staff salaries.

Through the campaign, the company hopes to raise at least $10,000, which, following matching, will be multiplied to $40,000. Reaching this fundraising milestone of $10,000 will “unlock” a special reward in the form of a free Zoom mini festival of performances for audiences. The two-hour session will feature performances by surprise guests and collaborators of Teater Ekamatra, and is set to be held on Zoom on 25th September 2020 as a way to thank all donors who contribute to the AMBOI! fundraising challenge. “

As a word with multiple meanings, AMBOI! is an apt rallying cry to galvanise the community with the same spirit of playfulness, thrilling delight and creative expression that is associated with the work of Teater Ekamatra. We hope this fundraising challenge, with its 1:4 feature, will inspire more giving. It’s equally a challenge to ourselves to keep finding ways to carve out space for the ethnic minority voice in Singapore in the years to come,” says Shaza Ishak, Teater Ekamatra’s Company Director.

Teater Ekamatra’s AMBOI! campaign will be hosted on from 24th July to 31st August 2020.

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