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Preview: BODY X – The Culprit


The last time we watched a BODY X production was back in 2016, where we praised the immersive theatre production for its intrigue and compelling mystery set in The Arts House. This year, despite the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re back with a brand new production, as BODY X: The Culprit hits computer screens this September.

In the same vein as their previous productions, BODY X: The Culprit takes the form of an immersive-interactive murder-mystery, where audience members are given the opportunity to make choices as to who to follow, where to go, which story to watch and ultimately, how the case unfolds. At the end of the show, audience members will gather to discuss notes, evaluate findings and vote for the identity of the murderer.

In BODY X: The Culprit, audiences will be transported to the mid-1980s, at the heart of an economic crisis. While dealing with the recession and rapidly declining business, a neighbourhood kopitiam faces another shock – one of their regular patrons is found dead one morning outside the shop, lying facedown in his usual spot.

The suspects are quickly rounded up, from the big boss to the kopi auntie, the cleaner to the beer girl, each with their own alibis and claiming not to be at the scene of the crime. But was it truly an accident, or is there someone among them who’s lying?

One of the foremost creators of immersive-interactive murder-mystery in Singapore, BODY X: The Culprit is led by seasoned theatre practitioners Li Xie and Danny Yeo. This time around, they’ll be joined by frequent collaborators Alvin Chiam, Doreen Toh, Jo Kwek, Judy Ngo, Kwan Chun Long, Melody Chan, and Oliver Chong as their cast. Even in its online format, BODY X hopes to retain its most signature features, from autonomy of choice to multiple scenes happening simultaneously in various spaces.

Will you and your fellow audiences be able to solve the mystery this time? Put your detective skills to the test, and come immerse yourself in BODY X: The Culprit as you traverse through space and time to get to the bottom of the case this September.

BODY X: The Culprit runs from 9th to 13th September 2020. Tickets available from Peatix


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