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Music Is: Ding Yi Music Company’s records authentic Chinese instrument sounds for Orchestral Tools’ Phoenix Orchestra


In collaboration with renowned international film composers Harry Gregson Williams and Richard Harvey, Orchestral Tools’ “Phoenix Orchestra” (凤凰)is the first advanced software library featuring a full array of authentic Chinese instruments recorded by Ding Yi Music Company (鼎艺团). With a total of 21 instruments, the software is capable to reproduce dynamic articulations, swells and ornaments unique to each instrument.

“Phoenix Orchestra” gives access to music practitioners all over the world to the music samples used in the latest Disney live-action movie Mulan, produced by the award-winning film composer Harry Gregson-Williams. The software is now available on Orchestral Tools official website.

“This is a milestone celebrated by many composers, musicians, artists and music professionals around the world. Ding Yi is honoured to be the pioneer for this digital innovation in the realm of traditional Chinese chamber music and instruments. We are grateful to Richard Harvey, Chris Craker and Harry GregsonWilliam for this collaboration.” said Elvia Goh, General Manager.

“Phoenix Orchestra” presents a wide range of traditional Chinese instruments, captured in the context of a classical chamber orchestra. Users can look forward to exploring new textures through four orchestral sections: plucked strings, bowed strings, wind instruments, and percussion. Create individual parts with 21 solo instruments, including guzheng, yangqin, erhu, zhonghu, dizi, and sheng. Enhance the richness of individual parts with seven instrument ensembles, which group several players of the same instrument. All instruments were recorded in situ, with players in typical chamber orchestra seating positions, to ensure a 100% authentic sonic image when using the instruments together, and presents a rich and detailed celebration of Chinese musical culture.

Order Phoenix Orchestra on the Orchestral Tools website

1 comment on “Music Is: Ding Yi Music Company’s records authentic Chinese instrument sounds for Orchestral Tools’ Phoenix Orchestra

  1. F. George Dunham, III

    God I love Mulan. I have my whole bedroom covered in posters. I’m obsessed.


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