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By The Book: New Epigram Releases – October 2020

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October is here, and local publishers Epigram have a brand new line-up of books to dive into. For the kids, there’s a smorgasbord of sequels from some of their most popular book series, including Sherlock Sam, and My BFF Is An Alien. Meanwhile, the final entry of the 2020 Epigram Books Fiction Prize shortlist is being released, along with a journal to help teens and tweens become more mindful. Finally, if you’ve been itching to go local in the kitchen, get yourself a cookbook that promises you’ll be able to cook everything Singaporean, so you’ll always know how to whip up a taste of home.

How to Cook Everything Singaporean (Pre-order)

How to Cook Everything Singaporean 
Denise Fletcher’s comprehensive compilation of over 1000 Singaporean recipes will ensure that there’s always something new to cook for every day of the year, across all our cultures. Think it’s just hawker fare and zhi char? Think again, with extra special contributions from renowned chefs such as Violet Oon, Willin Low and Bjorn Shen, to make sure you become a kitchen god and impress your family and friends.

Sherlock Sam and the Seafaring Scourge on Sentosa (Book 15 Pre-order)

Sherlock Sam and the Seafaring Scourge on Sentosa 
Everyone’s favourite bespectacled youth sleuth is back, and this time, author A.J. Low has put him and his motley crew in a precarious situation, as they face off against their old foes – Pirates Inc. As they zoom from offshore island to offshore island to recover stolen artefacts, will Sherlock Sam be able to sink these heinous plans and save the day?

The Fisherman King (Preorder)

The Fisherman King  
Kathrina Mohd Daud wraps up the 2020 Epigram Books Fiction Prize with a fantastic story about a fisherman attempting to prove he’s descended from royalty, returning to his village after having left his wife behind eight years ago. Interwoven with another tale from 600 years ago, where a forbidden relationship between the royal children of Brunei triggers a chain of events that could spell the end of a king, watch as Lisan’s true intentions come to light, as The Fisherman King examines the fall of royalty.

The Marvellous Sugee Cake

The Marvellous Sugee Cake
Quek Hong Shin’s final instalment in his bestselling picture book series follows Simon as he’s about to celebrate his seventh birthday. He’s excited to take a bite out of the marvellous sugee cake his mum has baked. But trouble is afoot, as the cake is gone before he can even grab a bite. Can a miracle and a birthday surprise save the day?

My BFF Is an Alien: Sabotage

My BFF Is an Alien: Sabotage
Vivian Teo dives further into the adventures of best friends Octavia and Abriana in the sequel to her bestselling debut My BFF Is an Alien (read our review here). After Octavia leaves for her home planet at the end of the first book, she’s back again in Singapore to reunite with human best friend Abriana. When Octavia saves Abriana from a wild boar with her powers, there’s video footage captured of the incident, and goes viral on the internet. It’s time for the besties to work together once again and stop this crisis, before Octavia’s alien identity is revealed.

Calm: A Journal for Myself

Calm: A Journal for Myself
Finally, with how much stress everyone has been going through this year, P.K. Poniah’s mindfulness guide and journal can be particularly useful to teens and tweens for better understanding their own thoughts and anxieties, raising their awareness and starting them off early on their journey towards self-care, and better mental health.

Shop for Epigram’s new releases on their website here Check out Epigram’s YouTube channel for video exclusives with your favourite authors. 

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