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Arts of the UK 2020: Eye Say, Eye Say, Eye Say! for Bloomsbury Festival 2020

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LONDON – More than a dozen visually impaired comedians are coming together this October to create a spectacle for Eye Say, Eye Say, Eye Say! Offering 20/20 insights on their diverse experiences living in the capital, the covert congregation will be livestreamed on Zoom as part of the Bloomsbury Festival.

Eye Say, Eye Say, Eye Say! from Extant is a night of gut-achingly funny comedy perfect to enjoy from home. A group of professional visually impaired artists, Extant are committed to the emergence of a new dynamic space to redress their invisibility and explore new creative territories. The theme of Bloomsbury Festival 2020 is Vision and Extant’s line-up are ready to offer a different perspective.

MC Georgie Morell will be on-hand to ensure the jokes keep coming from a 2 metre distance as Michael Henriques, Annette Davies, Stephen Portlock and Maverick offer unmissable stand-up. Sam Brewer will discuss competitive mediocrity as Chris Campion says some things he thought were funny, with no real way of knowing – until now! Amy Bethan Evans will share her response to a How Your Disability Affects You form and Michelle Felix will explore a love-hate relationship. Naqi Rizvi shares some of his complicated life and the unbelievable experiences he’s had in the UK. In light of the current conditions, Steven Reed, a blind observational comedian, shares his views on personal hygiene. Terry James will tackle bicycles, menstrual cycles and other family matters. Kirin Saeed will chart the ups and downs of technology in the making of a virtual gig. Mark Norman will take the audience for a short stroll through his mind.

Extant Artistic Director Maria Oshodi comments: “Extant is super excited to platform some fresh new comedy talent through this showcase. We’ll be giving the often unheard voices of visually impaired people a space for some surreal and stinging humour, bringing the lives of visually 2 impaired people into sharp focus. We hope this will launch Eye Say Eye Say Eye Say! as a firm favourite for future Festivals.”

Bloomsbury Festival is an annual celebration of the area’s pioneering creativity, presenting an inspiring programme of arts, science, literature, performance, discussion and reflection. Though 2020 requires doing things a little differently, the festival will continue to provide enriching opportunities for artists, enticing creative engagement for residents, and promote contemporary Bloomsbury, with events presented– digitally, live and socially distanced.

Eye Say, Eye Say, Eye Say! streams live from William Goodenough House, Bloomsbury Festival, on 17th October 2020, 6pm. Tickets available here

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