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Arts of the UK 2020: Dante’s In-Furlough at The Vaults

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LONDON – The Devil is getting hitched, and given what’s going at the moment, there’s no better time to accept an invitation to the underworld.

It may not surprise you that London is the entrance to Hell – specifically the doorway to The Vaults, ready and open for business again, in their new, socially-distant and safe show. Inspired by Shel Silverstien’s epic poem ‘The Devil and Billy Markham’ – written for PlayBoy in 1977, travel solo or with your quarantined dearest, but know that in this interactive show it’s betray or be betrayed.

Travel down into the many circles of Hell and navigate your way to the wedding of the millennium. Join your demonic guide and prove yourself worthy of a seat at Devil’s table; you’ll need to lie, sin and cheat your way there.

Whatever the circles of Hell have in store for you, be it lust or greed, or something altogether more sinister (which is quite likely), you’ll have to beat the Devil at his own game to reach the wedding on time – and avoid losing your soul along the way. Should you appear all too moral for their liking, your punishment will be to return to the altogether more disappointing plains of Earth and miss out on all the hedonism down below. But we think you’ll agree, being bad is just so much more fun.

To keep audiences safe, The Vaults will be complying with recommended safety guidelines. Each performance will allow for up to eight attendees at a time, where your group will travel together, with ample space to stand 2 metres away from other party members not within your bubble. Your guide will ensure you have opportunity to keep sufficiently distant from other audience members and performers, and it is recommended to wear a face covering. While mingling will not be happening before or after the show, there will be opportunities to buy drinks during the show itself.

With all that in mind, get ready for a very safe trip down to the bowels of Hell, and watch as the Devil himself gets married in this brand new immersive theatre experience as The Vaults throws its doors open again.

Dante’s In-Furlough runs at The Vaults, London, from 15th October to 30th December 2020. Tickets available here

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