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Preview: Octoburst! – A Children’s Festival 2020 by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay


October is a very special time for kids – after all, it’s when Children’s Day happens! To celebrate, regardless of the performance restrictions in place, Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay is bringing back their annual Octoburst! children’s festival for a series of free-to-access digital programmes from 5th to 18th October 2020.

PIParade Online

Whether you’re in school, at home or even if you’re not in Singapore, Octoburst! 2020 gives everyone a chance to take part in the festivities this year. Start off with a very special online edition of PIParade, where audiences are encouraged to send in their very own videos, and stand a chance to be in the parade online, featuring music composed by Sandra Lim.

Hold My Hand

At Octoburst!’s first-ever festival commission, Paper Monkey Theatre and Jean Tay present Hold My Hand, a table-top toy theatre (puppetry) presented as a film, where an older brother and younger sister encounter extraordinary events on their way home from school, thanks to their imagination. Along the way, they learn about the importance of responsibility and how to face their fears.

Let Syndicate take you on a journey through electronic music. Whether you’re doodling to a calming mixtape in Beats and Doodles, or participating in a virtual dance party in Elastic Plastic Crewtake a chance to take a break and let loose your mind and body.

Come listen to stories and go on an adventure with Adib Kosnan, Dalifah Shahril, Farez Najid and Sugie Phua, as they present The Putu Piring Incident of Batu BulatInspired by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s The Danger of a Single Story, watch as an ice-factory prince, an island adventurer, and a putu-piring seller all clash in their accounts of what really happened that sunny day by the foot of Bukit Batu Bulat, and may just come away learning something new from each other.

In association with various Social Service Organisations, the Esplanade and The Kueh Tutus present Alice’s Topsy Turvy Tea Party, in an exclusive interactive digital dance experience for families in crisis, as they imagine they are characters in Alice’s Picnic-style Tea party.

The Noisy Forest

Given the difficult time everyone has been through this year, the Esplanade’s Octoburst! acts as a chance to take a breather, and be reminded about the art of play, and how children are a constant source of strength and hope. Join the Esplanade as they celebrate youth, imagination, and the power of art as they stay optimistic about brighter days ahead!

Octoburst! 2020 takes place from 5th to 18th October 2020 online. For more information, visit their website here 

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