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Preview: CRAVE by Bellepoque

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While they may have a preference for European music from 1870 to 1940, local arts group Bellepoque is set to take these art songs into the modern realm, with their first ever digital project streaming for free this November.

Titled CRAVE, the project comprises two interconnected short movies, each one dealing with a group of artists struggling to find purpose amidst confusion and loss, in a world where artworks have been destroyed, flowers are extinct and nature itself is no more.

Directed by Yeo Hon Beng, and filmed by Tejas Ewing and Deepesh Vasudev, CRAVE features pianist Tabitha Gan, actress Sharda Harrison, baritone Yeo Zhe Hao, soprano Ng Jing Yun, actor Wayne Leong, soprano Rachel Siong, and playwright/storyteller Verena Tay, and producer/mezzo soprano Sabrina Zuber. In a world where we’ve been forced to socially distance ourselves, watch as Bellepoque presents CRAVE and reminds us all how we can rise above this crisis, and let Art and Nature soothe and nourish the human soul when we need it most.

CRAVE streams for free on 18th November 2020 here. Join the live chat and meet the artists on Zoom here

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