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Preview: RawGround – Reference by RAW Moves

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Bored at home and run out of things to binge on Netflix? Try marathoning dance videos instead, as RAW Moves presents RawGround: Reference this November.

Taking its title from how references act as the the frameworks through which we develop several different facets of our lives – ourselves, others, the past and the present, a total of 12 short films will be released over 12 hours, each investigating diverse subjects, and conducted by artists and non-practitioners, namely, Akanksha Raja, Aneesha Shetty, Chok Si Xuan, Christoven Tan, Edward Tan, Lee Enjie, Matthew Goh, Melyn Chow, Stephanie Yoong, Timothy Tan and Titisa Jeamsakul (Ice).

This vignette of 12 works touches on themes of ‘Inclusivity’, ‘Empowerment’, and ‘Sensing’ – all of which interrogate various points of references including memory, heritage, culture, and technology. ‘Inclusivity’ seeks to understand the challenges faced by the underserved and minority groups in Singapore. Works surrounding this theme are curated to performatively represent the challenges and needs of people of different cultural identities, classes, and abilities. ‘Empowerment’ seeks to understand our sense of self and what makes us, us. It questions the various means through which our characters and personalities come to be defined. Visiting topics covered include the inculcation of vigour, self-affirmations, and acceptance. ‘Sensing’ seeks to understand the different spaces we live in – technological, historical and the immediate space we inhabit, by dissecting them. In this examination, the senses we use in navigating these spatial landscapes are questioned, exercised and laid bare.

Ultimately, for many of us, our memories are one of the greatest treasures we possess, with these memories in all their forms functioning as forms of references for us, allowing us to make meaning of and participate in personal, cultural and national discourses. Let RAW Moves take your on a journey across these 12 short films, and explore how our frames of references have affected us and evolved over the years. Is nostalgia ever just a simple act of reminiscing, or is it also a potent tool to be wielded? Find out as RawGround: Reference premieres online this November.

RawGround: Reference will be available from 28th November to 5th December 2020 here

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