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Arts of Hong Kong 2021: Hong Kong Arts Festival cancels several in-venue programmes


HONG KONG – In view of the uncertainty of venue availability due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Hong Kong Arts Festival hashad to make the difficult decision of cancelling in-venue performances for a number of programmes of the upcoming 49th Hong Kong Arts Festival.

Festival Opening show Music about China by the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra will now be presented as a free online broadcast, along with other programmes such as Matthew Bourne’s ballet film The Red Shoes.

The Plague (Cantonese Version), The Chop’s Pathetic Fallacy, HKJC Contemporary Dance Series 10th Anniversary projects, and Jockey Club Local Creative Talents Series’ Journey to the West Rewind / Women Like Us will also now be viewed online, while Niu Niu Plays Chopin with Romer String Quartet and
Niu Niu Plays the Virtuosic Romantics have been cancelled.

The counter booking date of the performance of Inspired by Beethoven – Hong Kong Sinfonietta‧Eroica and PLUS film screenings will be announced soon. Tickets for PLUS film screenings in cinemas will be available at respective cinemas.

The 49th Hong Kong Arts Festival runs from 27th February to 4th April 2021. Tickets and full programme lineup available here

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