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Music Is: Perth artist Reuben de Melo releases ‘How Does It Feel?’

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Perth-based indie singer-songwriter, Reuben De Melo, has released his long-awaited single, ‘How Does It Feel’. 

Inspired by the artist’s past relationship experiences with his partner, ‘How Does It Feel’ is about the human nature of wanting more. With an unsettled heart, broken pride and a handy ukelele, this song was written to be a form of catharsis for the indie singer-songwriter, as he makes peace with his frustrations and personal growth. He sings ‘Where do we meet? / When the middle is on your side of the street / How do you know if what you’re giving is real / Why do you place your bets / On the promises that are so hard to keep’. 

In this song, the familiar pop structure and thumping kick gives the track a positive perspective while reiterating the selfless giving of love. This emphasises Reuben’s afterthoughts of the lessons learnt in his love life as he quotes, “The opposite of giving is never to take but receive because it is in receiving that you realise your giving is endless –– this is what I think love is, endless.”

What makes this release special is that since writing this song, the girl he was referring to previously, is now his wife and the mother of a beautiful boy name Malakai. This song has now become a reminder of what love is to the married couple and became more meaningful in an uplifting way. Accompanying the single release is an acoustic version of the song where Reuben performs the song in an intimate setting with his wife, Oliva De Melo. The single was celebrated with a launch in December at an intimate setting in Perth’s vibing new venue, 21st Amendment Bar. 

Listen to How Does It Feel? on Spotify here. Follow Reuben de Melo on Instagram, Facebook, and Soundcloud.

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