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Music Is: Yeo explores singledom and abandonment on ‘OBSESSION’

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Continuing in his R&B experimentations, Yeo releases new single OBSESSION – a subversive track that will leave you unsure of whether to laugh or cry.

A song about abandonment issues and being perpetually single, Yeo drew inspiration from the likes of Weezer, Joji and Phantom Planet to meticulously craft a soundscape that continues to expand his chameleon-like sound. Starting with fresh beats laid over mellow guitars in the verse before feedback-heavy electric guitars enter in the chorus, OBSESSION takes listeners on a rollercoaster ride of emotions as Yeo’s unique ‘sadboi’ lyricism takes over.

Bringing us on a complex journey of longing, relationships, mental health and family, Yeo reminds us that life isn’t always picture perfect and that there doesn’t always have to be a moral to every story for it to be meaningful. Never shying away from self-reflection and his cultural identity, last year saw Yeo performing in a language other than English for the first time, releasing the duet 好好的 過 (Have A Nice Life) with Taiwanese-Australian singer-songwriter Chendy in Mandarin which was well-received by tastemakers and playlist curators around South-East Asia.

OBSESSION is the follow up single to U IN? in a handful of singles to be released this year. Each single is accompanied by a cooking series of Yeo preparing and serving up his favourite Asian comfort dishes.

OBSESSION is released on 16th April 2021 on all major music streaming platforms. 

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