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Art What!: MASSIMODECARLO to premiere new work by Maurizio Cattelan at Art Basel Hong Kong 2021

Maurizio Cattelan
Night, 2021
Courtesy of MASSIMODECARLO and the Artist

HONG KONG – MASSIMODECARLO presents at Art Basel Hong Kong 2021 a project featuring iconic works by both the younger and older generation of artists that have contributed to shaping the gallery over the thirty year long program. This edition of Art Basel Hong Kong happens in unprecedented times and inevitably shows the wounds, but also the incredible resilience and will of the artists and galleries during the pandemic. MASSIMODECARLO premieres a brand new work by Maurizio Cattelan that references to the power of nationalities and the anti-monumentality of artists’ gestures.

Titled Night, this brand new work by Maurizio Cattelan will be premiering at ArtBasel Hong Kong. Conceived as a wall sculpture, Night is part of an ongoing series originally conceived as part of Blenheim Art Foundation exhibition “Victory is not an Option” (September-October 2019). Here we will have a black American flag featuring a number of different sized round shaped openings, revealed in the caption to be real bullet holes. Flags find their origins in war, and while they allude to ideas of national pride and identity, they can also suggest the violence that these notions can engender. With this in mind, this new work isn’t merely a celebratory version of the American flag with a constellation of shots. By referencing the practice of Lucio Fontana, these holes become pin holes or windows through which we can look inside to better understand the flag’s complexities, or perhaps they are a final monumental symbol of a disturbing act of violence.

Night dialogues with Robert Longo’s charcoal on paper (part of a series from 1993). Along is Steven Parrino with a work that combines pop culture imagery from movies and his iconic torn and cut canvases shown together with an exceptionally powerful glass work by Jim Hodges

It follows McArthur Binion’s Hand:Work together with other presences that include new works by Josh Smith, Paola Pivi as well as the recent addition to the gallery roster Aaron GarberMaikovska’s with a vibrant work from 2020.

The presentation is completed by a selection of Chinese artists that include Yan Pei Ming’s historical representation of Jacques Louis David The Death of Marat and a painting by Lu Song from his celebrated Purple Skin series.

Art Basel Hong Kong will take place from 19th to 23rd May 2021. For the full gallery list and more information, visit their website here

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