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Preview: Fat Kids Are Harder to Kidnap 2021 by How Drama

How Drama’s beloved Fat Kids Are Harder To Kidnap sketch comedy may have been relegated to the digital space for the better part of last year. But this August, the gang are back for a LIVE performance, with a couple of new additions to the team, here to poke fun at the biggest news stories of 2020-21!

Directed by Melissa Sim, and written by both Melissa and Jeremy Au Yong, Fat Kids Are Harder To Kidnap has a simple premise – perform 31 sketches and playlets in just one hour. The twist? Each night, the order they’re performed in is completely random! Audience members are given a list of titles at the beginning of the performance, and over the course of the night, get to decide for themselves which play comes next based on popular demand!

This time around, they’re tackling everything from ministerial memes and Hari Raya standees to the Covid crazies who have crawled out of the woodwork, so expect some of our most outrageous headlines and stories to be parodied and referenced on the main stage. The usual dream team of Ross Nasir, Pavan J Singh, Nicholas Bloodworth, Victoria Chen and Vester Ng will be joined by two brand new members, Miriam Cheong and Dennis Sofian, as they embark on this marathon performance together.

“We’ve all had quite the year and we’re desperately in need of a bit of a laugh. So I hope people will come to the show, support local arts and leave their worries at the door for just an hour or so,” says How Drama’s co-artistic director Melissa Sim.

Spaces are limited, with just 50 seats per show. No pre-event testing needed, and all are welcome.

Fat Kids Are Harder To Kidnap 2021 runs from 13th to 15th August 2021 at Wild Rice @ Funan. Tickets available here

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