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Preview: Locked! by Decadance Co

After catching them in 2020 with their work No Corners, we’re excited to see Decadance Co returning to the stage this September, with their brand new production Locked! at the Goodman Arts Centre Black Box.

Featuring dancers from Decadance Co and their young company decak!ds, Locked! dives the narratives of the pandemic lockdown. The production draws stories from their cast of dancers to reflect the intergenerational impact of the lockdown on the public and private body, as cycles of loneliness, creativity, isolation, ideation, as well as routines and identities old and new collapse into one body and space. Locked! then, invites audiences young and old to think about how our bodies will remember this era-defining moment.

The Decadance Co dancers are directed by Edwin Wee and choreographed by Rachel Lum. Te ensemble will feature Jackie Ong, Joanne Seow, Stephanie Rae Yoong and Valerie Lim. Stephanie Rae Yoong will also be choreographing the deck!ds dancers, who are drawn from decak!d’s weekly contemporary dance training classes. “We’re so excited to finally be able to present this show on stage, in front of a live audience, and watch it all come together after months of uncertainty. Locked! is inspired by the resilience and light children have shown through these dark times, a narrative highlighted in the dynamic between our professional dancers and young company,” says Decadance Co’s artistic director Edwin Wee.

Spaces are limited, with 50 seats per show. No Pre-Event Testing is required, and all are welcome.

Locked! plays from 4th to 5th September at Goodman Arts Centre Black Box. Tickets available from Peatix

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