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vOilah! 2021: Love Etc. by Wisdom of Monkeys Productions

Playing as part of the 2021 voiLah! France Singapore Festival, Wisdom of Monkeys Productions presents Ahmad Castaignede’s play Love Etc. this November, at the Goodman Arts Centre Black Box.

Directed by Hemang Yadev, Love Etc. features a colourful cast of characters living in Singapore. There’s Laurent, an aspiring French playwright living in Singapore, who is developing an auto fictional play about love in the Lion City, together with Sanjay, a part-time SQ pilot, part-time budding director.

Meanwhile, divorced Malay woman Siti and widowed Chinese man Soon Kong, two HDB neighbours in their forties, have been unwilling to confront their love for each other for years. One day, their worlds fall apart as their worst filial fears come true: Fikka, Siti’s daughter, is going out with ang moh Laurent, and CK, Soon Kong’s son, turns out to be gay and dating Sanjay!

Starring Cedric Amsellem, Dew Chaiyanara, Hashi Ssan, Gavin Low, Lim Junjie Jey and Shahrin Johry, watch as these characters figure out their differences, come together, and try their best to let love win, in this funny, gritty, heartwarming play.

Love Etc. plays from 12th to 13th November 2021 at Goodman Arts Centre Black Box, as part of the 2021 voiLah! France Singapore Festival. Tickets available from Peatix

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