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Preview: SOAR – A Devotion by Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre

Choreographed by Singapore Chinese Dance Theatre’s Artistic Director Neo Jenny and Creative Director Benedict Soh, “SOAR: A Devotion” (“SOAR”) is inspired by the legendary Huma Bird. In the Hindu scriptures, the Huma Bird is said to never come to rest, living its entire life flying in high sky, even when it lays its eggs. The only time it ceases its flight is when it dies.

In this 60 minutes’ production, choreographers Neo Jenny and Benedict Soh seek to explore the ever-evolving emotions and stories in one’s pursuit of their dream. In every trace of life, there is the pursuit of something. And that devotion comes not without bewilderment. How do we then unbind from the bemusement in our fight for flight?

The choreography, enhanced with elaborate sets, seeks to recreate the performance space into an immersive experience for audiences, opening an intimate conversation about our devotion to the things we love.

“SOAR” will be the second work co-choreographed by Artistic Director Neo Jenny and Creative Director Benedict Soh. Their first co-created piece “If It’s Now” (at Huayi – Chinese Festival of Arts 2022) saw 7 sold out shows. “If It’s Now”, unlike their previous works, was a new venture for both acclaimed choreographers as they ventured into a new realm of creation – a dance installation. To appeal to the changing appreciation of aesthetics, the dance installation infused various contemporary elements. At the same time, the directors were sensitive during the creation process to ensure that the work remained rooted in the fundamentals of Chinese dance. With the success of “If It’s Now’, the director duos are eager to continue exploring how their respective styles can blend together in the creation of “SOAR”, which continues to be grounded in their belief to persevere through innovation and innovate through perseverance.

Featuring dancers Adrian Foo, Gabriella Gleichenia Gautama, Koo Jing Yi Natasha, Ling Jia Yan Deborah, Low Kai Tong, Ng Pei Yao, Tay May Xuan Jocelyn, Wong Wen Ru, and Yong Fong Sin, come witness SOAR, and the eternal perseverance and devotion within life.

SOAR: A Devotion runs from 5th to 6th August 2022 at Goodman Arts Centre Blackbox. Tickets available from Peatix

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