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Preview: Pangdemonium! brings back Season Ticket for 2023 theatre season

Following their latest, critically-acclaimed production of End of the Rainbow, Pangdemonium’s annual Season Ticket is finally making a highly-anticipated return for their 2023 season of theatre, after a three-year-long hiatus.

Available from now till the end of the year, the Season Ticket heralds an exciting 2023 season ahead. 2020 to 2022 will likely be remembered as the “wilderness years”, with many of us having spent this period groping in the dark, languishing in limbo, lost in time and space. With their 2023 season then, Pangdemonium is set to present three amazing productions that hope to enlighten, enliven, and energise us all.

The season starts off in March with People, Places & Things by Duncan Macmillan (Lungs) – a mind-bending and enthralling theatrical experience that picks apart the cruelty of substance abuse and addiction, a devastating exploration of a person’s desperate need to escape real life, a riveting examination of the parallels between theatre and therapy, between art and addiction.

Emma is a professional actor, consummate performer, and chameleon-like make-believer. But Emma is also a pathological pretender, compulsive liar, and hopeless addict. Committed into rehab, she desperately clings on to her alter egos and imagined personas, as her world spirals into a surreal abyss. Friends, family members and fellow addicts morph into figments of fantasy, her sense of self fragments, and she is forced to ask: which version of me is the real me? Together with Emma, we embark on a thrilling, trippy journey. And while we see, hear, and feel everything from her perspective, our own reality begins to fracture, and we find ourselves asking: which version of this story is the truth?

The cast includes Daniel Jenkins, Keagan Kang, Krissy Jesudason, Lian Sutton, Rebecca Ashley Dass, Shane Mardjuki, Sharda Harrison, Shona Benson and Victoria Mintey.

In June, Pangdemonium is set to present the multi-award-winning Doubt: A Parable, by John Patrick Shanley, a thought-provoking and timely play that is driven by conversations about ‘cancel culture’ and ‘trial by he said/she said’.

12-year-old Donald is the first ever Black student at St Nicholas School. Father Flynn, the popular parish priest, takes the boy under his wing, but the imperious school principal Sister Aloysius is mistrustful of the Flynn’s intentions, and begins to suspect him of sexual misconduct. As accusations and confrontations escalate, naïve young Sister James is caught in the crossfire, and the scandal takes on a whole new dimension when the boy’s mother steps into the fray. This conflict of conviction, credibility and culture unearths troubling questions of faith, truth and morality, as everyone’s fate hangs in the balance.

Doubt was previously adapted into an Oscar-nominated film starring Meryl Streep and Philip Seymour Hoffman. A powerful and shattering play, Doubt challenges us to reflect on our supposed morals, question our faith, and dares us to doubt our long-held beliefs, and includes a cast comprising Ching Shu Yi, Jason Godfrey, Neo Swee Lin and Sharon Frese.

Finally, Pangdemonium will end off their 2023 season with the magical Stephen Sondheim musical, Into The Woods, turning your favourite fairy tale heroes and villains on their heads. The Witch, the Wolf, and the Giant have unleashed pandemonium on the kingdom. Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Jack (of Beanstalk fame) and the Baker, assemble to avenge the evils dealt to the people.

But on their way into the woods, they get entrapped by Daydreams, ensnared by Desires, and enslaved by Wishes. And they discover that villains in real life can be more monstrous than those in fairy tales, and that not everyone has a “happily ever after”.

The late, legendary Stephen Sondheim’s spellbinding music and words combine with James Lapine’s wild and witty script in this ingenious, subversive mashup of our most beloved fairy stories. Full of heart, humour and honesty, this magical musical has much to teach us about growing up, growing old, love and marriage, parents and children, good and evil, life and death. Stars Adrian Pang, Benjamin Chow, Candice de Rozario, Ethel Yap, Frances Lee, Mina Kaye, Nathania Ong and Victoria Mintey.

Photo Credit: Pangdemonium!

Pangdemonium’s 2023 Season Ticket is now available for purchase. More details and tickets available here, until 31st December 2022. DBS/ POSB cardholders enjoy an additional Early Bird Discount of $10 from now to 4th November 2022.

With the Season Ticket, patrons get to catch all three shows next year saving up to 28% off standard tickets. As a Season Ticket holder, they also get to enjoy special perks such as the flexibility to change their bookings 48 hours before the performance date, priority booking before public sales, and personalised concierge services. Terms and conditions apply.

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