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Practice Tuckshop’s Recess Time Receives #CreateCOP27 Honourable Mention

The Theatre Practice has announced that Practice Tuckshop’s flagship programme Recess Time has been chosen as one of the twenty honourable mentions for #CreateCOP27. 

An “ugly” produce lunch party, Recess Time is a long-running participatory work which stages a social event, i.e. lunch, as the site for performance and engagement. Combining cooking, making conversation and storytelling into a single encounter, invited home cooks and professional chefs, known as “Makan Masters”, salvage unwanted or ugly produce and incorporate them into their cooking, while “Kaypoh Queen/King” as known as roving interviewers collect food stories from our participants as they eat.

“What began as a placemaking initiative at our Waterloo Street home has evolved into delectably theatrical labour of love going on six years!” laughs artist and Recess Time creator Ang Xiao Ting. “Green practices require a lot of work and manpower, and this programme is ‘sustainable’ because of the community of food rescue organisers, cooks and participants that support us. We couldn’t have done it without them!”

Organised by Art Partner ahead of the 2022 United Nations Climate Change Conference, #CreateCOP27 is a competition and exhibition highlighting works created by young artists that generate conversations around the urgent need for climate action. Recess Time was selected from hundreds of works by a jury of globally recognised industry experts including Giovanni Testino (Art Partner, Founder), Hans Ulrich Obrist (The Serpentine, Artistic Director) and Ferdinando Verderi (Vogue Italia, Creative Director). 

This recognition marks a key milestone in Practice Tuckshop’s eco-theatre journey, which also include projects like Pickle Party (commissioned by Singapore Night Festival 2022), which combine communal pickling with live performance and a multimedia installation and Extinction Feast, a multidisciplinary black box production about fish consumption and climate anxiety. “The arts can be a powerful tool to open up conversations about climate change and sustainability,” notes Kuo Jian Hong. “Practice Tuckshop’s eco-theatre works are imbued with a sense of hope and celebration for humanity, even as it directly confronts the seriousness of the climate crisis.”

Photos Courtesy of The Theatre Practice

The #CreateCOP27 exhibition will be on view at Culture COP in Egypt and in a 3D virtual exhibition on from now until 19th November 2022. 
More information can be found here

Extinction Feast runs from 10th to 13th November, both at The Theatre Practice, 54 Waterloo Street.

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