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Preview: We Are Like This Only 3 by HuM Theatre

Previously, HuM Theatre delved into the differences of culture and attitudes between the “New Indians” and the “Old Indians” in with “We Are Like This Only 1 & 2” – both receiving critical acclaim and national recognition from the National Integration Council for artistic contribution to the exploration of the integration issues and challenges facing our country.

Now, HuM Theatre is back with We Are Like This Only 3, here to explore the real and perceived impressions that Singaporeans, particularly the Chinese, have of the ‘New Indians” in our community and vice versa.

The comical play takes on a number of racist and xenophobic peeves that have been amplified on social media, wrestling with real and anecdotal situations with humour and a sense of the ridiculous. These include incidents during the lockdown, feelings of being crowded out, locals’ perception of job competition, stereotyping Indian doctors, employer-employee relationships, the perceived arrogance/stand-offishness of new Indians and more.

At the end of an entertaining evening at the theatre, HuM Theatre hopes audience members will go home a little bit wiser, accepting that we are all “different but same same”, with a forum theatre style interactive discussion between the audience and the actors will bring out personal observations, emotions and challenges of integrating in Singapore.

We Are Like This Only 3 is directed by Daisy Irani Subaiah and written by Subin Subaiah, will be performed by the brilliant cast of award winning actors Josephine Tan, Daisy Irani, Hang Qian Chou and Subin Subaiah. We Are Like This Only 3 will also feature design by Lighting Designer Alberta Wileo, Set Design by Keng San from On Staging, and a “Tea Party Rap” written by Preeti Nair (aka Preetipls).

We Are Like This Only 3 plays from 20th to 30th April 2023 at the Drama Centre Black Box. Tickets available from Peatix

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