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Preview: Sanctuary by The Necessary Stage and HANCHU-YUEI


The Necessary Stage marks the end of their 30th anniversary celebrations with an all new play this November. Sanctuary is an international collaboration with contemporary Japanese theatre company HANCHU-YUEI.

Set in the future, Santuary imagines how we will deal with new technology such as memories, data, artificial intelligence and the echoes of social media. How will social and familial relationships change? Will we be ok with being constantly under surveillance? Does our data and privacy truly belong to us anymore, and will we willingly accept that? Sanctuary will explore these themes and issues through seven characters who navigate the rapidly advancing world of androids, virtual personal assistants, digitally archived memories and where protests can happen from the comfort of our own home.


How much humanity will be left in us when we’ve become this reliant on technology? Directed by Alvin Tan and Suguru Yamamoto, written by Haresh Sharma and Suguru Yamamoto, and featuring a stellar cast consisting of local actors Audrey Luo, Ellison Tan Yuyang, Yazid Jalil, as well as actors from HANCHU-YUEI, Sanctuary will blow your mind with the sheer creativity of its digital world as it dives deep into the most curious postulations of what the future holds for the human race.

Sanctuary plays at The Necessary Stage Black Box from 1st – 12th November. Tickets available here

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