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SIFA 2017: And So You See… Our Honourable Blue Sky And Ever Enduring Sun… Can Only Be Consumed Slice By Slice… By Robyn Orlin (Preview)


When one thinks of SIFA, one undoubtedly thinks of weird, experimental works that push the very definition of what makes art itself, and continually expand the medium to reach all new heights. This year, South African choreographer Robyn Orlin looks set to deliver that work with And So You See… Our Honourable Blue Sky And Ever Enduring Sun… Can Only Be Consumed Slice By Slice… (henceforth shortened to And So You See…)

Orlin has received critical acclaim for her work in both Europe and Africa, famed for her multi-layered performances that go beyond traditional, conventional dance forms to incorporate a variety of unexpected media such as text, video and even plastic art. Sometimes shocking, often provocative and leaving audiences’ mouths utterly agape with the sheer audacity of her work, she has nonetheless nabbed prestigious awards around the world such as the French National Order of Merit, always raising difficult questions and truths surrounding the troubled, apartheid-scarred history of South Africa in all its complexities.

And So You See… is the next work in line to address Orlin’s themes as she recruits South African dancer Albert Ibokwe Khoza to perform the work. Khoza wears a great number of hats – apart from being a new-generation performer, he is also an inyanga, a traditional herbalist in South Africa. In And So You See…, Khoza will portray the excesses of the seven deadly sins in a “requiem to humanity”, while questioning issues of identity such as “Why is it not possible to reconcile individuality with traditional culture? Why is it not possible to be a university graduate and practice traditional religion and medicine?”

And So You See… will be a whirlwind of a performance, as Khoza goes from traditional healer to flamboyant performer to meditative divinity to cocooned insect, an hour of transformation and change as he changes costumes and moves, possessed with life across the stage. Whether graceful or grotesque, refined or vulgar, And So You See… promises a journey that will take you to the very extremes of the dance medium and back again, a different person from before.


Want to catch dancer Albert Ibokwe Khoza dance to Robyn Orlin’s choreography in And So You See…? We’re giving away a pair of tickets to one lucky winner to catch the show on its opening night on 6th September!

All you have to do is:

1. Like us on Facebook and Instagram
2. Comment on this post with the answer to ‘What is the name of the dancer who will be performing in And So You See…?” and remember to share it! (Hint: you can find the answer in our preview post!)

Winners will be contacted via Facebook.

And So You See… plays at the SOTA Studio Theatre from 6th – 9th September. Tickets available from SISTIC

And So You See… Our Honourable Blue Sky And Ever Enduring Sun… Can Only Be Consumed Slice By Slice…
When: 6th – 9th September, 8pm
Where: SOTA Studio Theatre

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