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SIFA 2017: Lizard on the Wall by K. Rajagopal – SIFA Closing Film (Red Carpet Gala)


Whether you were lucky enough to be a part of the film itself at the O.P.E.N. earlier this year or are just hearing about it now, come down for the Red Carpet premiere of esteemed local director K. Rajagopal’s (A Yellow Bird) latest short film!


Lizard on The Wall is hot off the editing suite, having been freshly shot and fully edited into a complete short film in July. Lizard on The Wall was inspired by local author Balli Kaur Jaswal’s critically acclaimed novel Inheritance, the film takes place at the wedding banquet of new bride Amrit (Anvita Gupta) in the family’s gorgeous colonial house, beginning with a festive celebration of song and dance. The events of the day then take a turn for the worse when the Punjabi Sikh family’s dark secrets come to light, and guests confront the family’s double lives head on; from homosexuality to affairs, nefarious plots to personal insecurities, shot in Rajagopal’s signature symbolic style, and promising mesmerizing cinematography at every turn.


With high drama set against the colourful backdrop of an Indian wedding, Lizard On The Wall invited both participants and curious attendees to come decked out in wedding attire to really immerse themselves in the film back during the O.P.EN. in July. Now, as the film makes its world premiere, participants (and members of the public) are invited to come down to the projector to watch the final product, not to mention even catch a glimpse of themselves onscreen!

As the closing film for SIFA 2017, the screening of Lizard on the Wall this weekend is a perfect opportunity to celebrate with the team as they cross the finishing line after a marathon two month shooting and editing process, marking the birth of a new film and the end of a successful tenure for Ong Keng Sen and his team.

Lizard on the Wall (Closing film for SIFA 2017) plays at The Projector at midnight on 9th September (that is, Saturday night). Tickets available here

Lizard on the Wall
When: 9th September (Midnight, leading into 10th September)
Where: The Projector

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