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Preview: Hot Pot Talk – Theatre and the Arts


This September, get ready for a truly unique theatrical experience with Hot Pot Talk: Theatre and the Arts.

Conceptualized by Chong Gua Kee, and facilitated by arts practitioners Chang Ting Wei, Adib Kosnan and Shaiful Risan, Hot Pot Talk takes the form of interactive theatre and seeks to bridge the gap between arts practitioners and everyday, non-theatre going folk. In Hot Pot Talk, worlds will collide as artists meet non-artists and exchange stories of life in Singapore. Through theatre games, genuine anecdotes and deep discussions of common ground and disparities, Hot Pot Talk will attempt to create a space to allow for a genuine conversation to take place between people we may not even know very well, or whose lives are vastly different from our own.

Expand your world view this September at Centre 42 with this all new opportunity to meet new people, share your stories and go deep into the heart of the Singapore arts scene on a sincere, personal level. Not to mention, what’s a Hot Pot Talk without food? Expect nibbles available after the show 🙂

Hot Pot Talk: Theatre and the Arts plays on 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 34 September at 3pm at Centre 42. To purchase tickets, email and follow them on Facebook for more updates! 

Certain discounts are available if you buy more than a single ticket:
Single ticket – $21 per ticket
Come with a friend – $36 for two tickets (i.e. $18 per ticket)
Come with your family – $75 for five tickets (i.e. $15 per ticket)

Hot Pot Talk: Theatre and the Arts
When: 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 34 September, 3pm
Where: Centre 42

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