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Preview: Practice Tuckshop – Waterloo Street Crawl by The Theatre Practice

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Photo Credit: The Theatre Practice

The Theatre Practice’s Practice Tuckshop makes a return following its Space of Taboos back in June, and Space of Possibilities in conjunction with the Chinese Theatre Festival in August. This time around, they’ll be doing a series themed around the “Space of Our Home”, and will be presenting the Playground Series – Waterloo Street Crawl – a walking trail specially designed for participants to go on a journey to find out just what it means to be ‘local’.

Round Round Buns by Chop Chilli Chop Co., which played as part of the previous iteration of TTP’s Playground Series in June. Photo Credit: Chop Chilli Chop Co.

With the Waterloo Arts Crawl, The Theatre Practice invites participants and guides them around the historical Waterloo Street with a specially designed mobile app. Built in 1837, the Waterloo Street area represents a key neighbourhood where tradition meets modernity, and on the trail, participants will get a chance to meet the street’s various denizens, from a fourth-generation hawker reminiscing about his family’s past, to a deaf tailor inventing his own form of communication.


Photo Credit: The Theatre Practice

To prepare for the trail, all you need to do is download a mobile app onto your smartphone, put on a pair of earphones and your most comfortable pair of shoes before showing up to begin your journey into the past, as narration helps fill you with new knowledge at key points along the crawl as you walk down familiar, yet strangely magical new sights you’ll rediscover along the way. Furthermore, participants can even snap photos along the way to add on to the Waterloo Street Mural, an interactive art installation in the Practice Tuckshop, charting all the participants’ shared journeys and experiences.

Photo Credit: The Theatre Practice

This October, make a date to check out the Waterloo Street Crawl, a perfect activity for friends and family, and even tourists to come on as you discover the area’s history and untold stories, and in so doing, find a new home to nestle in your heart.

The Waterloo Street Crawl takes place from 28th October – 19th November at The Practice Tuckshop at The Theatre Practice on Waterloo Street. Download the Waterloo Street Crawl App from the Apple store or Google Play store from 28th October. For more information, check out the Practice Tuckshop website

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