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Preview: Asian Youth Theatre Festival – International Groups

From 13th – 15th October, five regional companies will be coming down to *SCAPE to perform a show and conduct workshops at the inaugural Asian Youth Theatre Festival! Check out a look at what they’ll have on offer at the festival below:

Deep Acting Youth Theatre (Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam)


A bilingual theatre company from Ho Chi Minh City, Deep Acting focuses on producing quality international works and to make the most of the storytelling experience, inspiring and engaging audiences with each new work. In LINES, the story in set after 1975, as a family in a small house opposes the oppression with what little happiness they can glean amidst the Liberation War – in the comfort of being together.

Get tickets to LINES (13 Oct 9pm, 14 Oct 1.30pm) and their workshop on Vietnamese Folk and Contemporary Dance (14 Oct 12pm)

Gigi Art of Dance (Jakarta, Indonesia)


Gigi Art of Dance is helmed by Gianti Giadi (who will be leading their workshop on Indonesian Dance) and was established in 2009 in Jakarta. Using the power of traditional dance mixed with Western styles, Gigi tells unique stories through movement, and conducts annual camps and programmes to spread the love of dance to all youths.  Indonesia. It strongly believes in telling stories through intricate movements. In Jayaprana & Layonsari, watch as Gigi tells a Romeo & Juliet type story of star crossed lovers set in Bali, Indonesia.

Get tickets to Jayaprana & Layonsari (14 Oct 4.30pm) and their workshop on Indonesian Dance (13 Oct, 6pm)

The Actors Studio (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


This Malaysian company from KL, Malaysia was created to break the barrier between the arts and people. Started in 2006, the company first presented Singaporean writer Alfian Sa’at’s Anak Bulan di Kampong Wa’ Hassan, touring it to five villages throughout Peninsular Malaysia, and has since continued to explore contemporary local work. In Still Taming, a group of teenagers are faced with the universal plight of growing up, telling it from the perspective of Malaysian youths where conflict between self and society is very much prevalent in today’s society.

Get tickets to Still Taming (13 Oct 4.30pm, 14 Oct 9pm) 

Prachyanat (Dhaka, Bangladesh)


Prachyanat was started by youths in Dhaka with a dream to present theatre as a force for good. Despite the already saturated theatre scene in Bangladesh, the group differentiates themselves with an unerring amount of energy, with plenty of dynamism and daring in their productions. In their performance title Bede Meye (The Snake Charmer), Prachyanat presents a fairy tale like story filled with the richness of Bangladeshi culture about a beautiful young snake charmer who attracts the attention of the local Village Chief, setting the stage for disaster.

Get tickets to Beder Meye (The Snake Charmer) (14 Oct 6pm, 15 Oct 1.30pm) and their workshop on traditional folk dance and music of Bangladesh (14 Oct, 8.30pm)

YATTA (Dumaguette, Philippines)


YATTA (Youth Advocates Through Theatre Arts) hails from Dumaguete, Philippines, and was formed in 2005, aiming to raise social awareness on various issues such as human rights of children and youths via the power of theatre. The company goes by the belief of PAGASA, where hope emerges from youths transforming from static objects in history to active subjects engaging in shaping lives as they want them to be. In Dagit, YATTA tells of the horrifying truth behind the underground scene of kidnapping and human trafficking of young girls that still persists in the Philippines even today.

Get tickets to Dagit (Snatch) (14 Oct 7.30pm, 15 Oct 10.30am) and their workshop on Filipino Traditional Dance (14 Oct, 5pm)

The Asian Youth Theatre Festival takes place at *Scape from 13th – 15th October. Tickets to the Asian Youth Theatre Festival performances and workshops available from Peatix For more information and the full lineup, check out their website here



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