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Review: A Carribbean Dream dir. Shakirah Bourne

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Even when Shakespeare has been done to death, it always amazes us how directors constantly come up with new ways to visualize the bard’s work. The latest iteration, A Caribbean Dream, adapts A Midsummer Night’s Dream into a Barbados, modern day setting, rife with the feel of the carnival, with plenty of big, colourful costumes to represent the fairy realm, and romance at the edge of each scene.


Although wearing a little thin with its budget special effects, there’s something about Shakirah Bourne’s presentation that charms with its earnestness in showcasing Caribbean culture and people. There’s an interesting touch of interracial concerns at play in this version, while the feathered fairies give the film a keen sense of fun. Even amidst its setting, there’s not much A Caribbean Dream adds to the canon, sticking to essentially the same Shakespearean language amidst its island setting. But watching this film, it certainly offers up some interesting visuals, some lush scenery, and a promising step forward for Caribbean cinema.

A Caribbean Dream is in UK Cinemas and digital / on demand 10th November. For a full list of cinemas showing the film, visit the website here


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