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Mosaic Music Series 2017: An Interview with Canvas Conversations

Photo from Canvas Conversations’ Facebook

The Esplanade’s regular Mosaic Music Series returned last night as the season kicked off with local band Canvas Conversations in collaboration with fellow local musician FERRY (of Giants Must Fall), as they performed a dreamy electronic music set at the Esplanade Annexe Studio.


Consisting of four members, namely Vick Low, Jeff Hue, Namie Rasman and Bings Lee, the band first came to attention at Noise 2015, before going on to perform at events such as Baybeats 2016. In last night’s show, the band explored what it means to live in a technologically vibrant world, taking on concepts such as Artificial Intelligence and what makes us human. Combining innovative electronic music composition with immersive projections and visuals by Aqilah Misuary, the group impressed us to no end, entering all new sonic and emotive territory in their incredible collaboration. 

We managed to get a few words with the promising quartet to get to know the band better, and a little more about last night’s incredibly powerful and innovative light and sound show, a testament to their ability and ambition. Read the interview in full below:

Photo from Canvas Conversations’ Facebook

BCM: Tell us about the origin of Canvas Conversations. How did you guys come together, and why the name?

Canvas Conversations: The four of us are students at LASALLE College of the Arts. The three guys (Bings, Jeff and Vick) were in the Electronic Music stream while Namie took the Jazz stream. As for our name, we like to imagine a blank canvas and all of us having musical conversations on that. That’s mostly what our music is like.


BCM: In June, you guys released your full length album In Transit. What are your plans in the coming year? Any dream destinations/festivals to play at?

Canvas Conversations: We’ve always wanted to have a show that involves live visuals and lots of interaction. Ultimately we aim to do shows that will bring audiences through an immersive experience. We are definitely thankful for the Esplanade for believing in our music and getting us to collaborate with FERRY for sudo.

Photo Credit: Square Off Photography by Desmond Neo

BCM: Besides Noise, where you guys first came to public attention, what other avenues do you think local bands can turn to to get the support and exposure they need to succeed?

Canvas Conversations: Noise Singapore is an amazing platform. We believe it is very competitive as many many bands and solo artists are applying for it! Other than that there’s other mentorship programmes by the Esplanade such as Baybeats Budding Bands and for jazz loving youths, the Mosaic Jazz Fellows Mentorship Program.

BCM: We’re quite impressed with the amount of detail that has gone into planning sudo, what with the stage setup and interactive website to create an entire immersive experience. Were there any particular films or artists you guys were inspired by? What other themes might you be interested to explore in future projects?

Canvas Conversations: For us, we draw inspiration in general from artists like Radiohead, Portishead, Ryuichi Sakamoto and plenty more. We’re also inspired by current events and social issues. If you know the movie Her, where a man falls in love with an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), sudo concerns itself with similar issues and themes, portraying A.I. in a thought provoking manner. We wanted to create a show that leaves the audience with many questions and basically, for them to ponder how they live their lives in this golden age of technology.

BCM: If there was one thing you hope audiences walk away with after seeing your show, what would it be?

Canvas Conversations: To be inspired by the smallest and the most obvious elements of music.

The Mosaic Music Series runs from 10th – 14th November 2017 at the Esplanade Annexe Studio and Concert Hall. Tickets available from the Esplanade

To keep up with Canvas Conversations, follow them on their Facebook, Instagram and their Bandcamp.

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