In the Xin Yi Dance Company’s latest performance, there’s an intensity to that keeps our eyes completely focused on the stage at all times. Described as a ‘dance drama’, Resolute follows a tale of morality and virtue, as three strangers – a judge, doctor and lawyer meet under trying circumstances, each of them facing their own moral dilemmas and internal demons.

An easy to follow storyline with great visuals, Resolute allowed for the dancers to fully display their strengths, particular in their onstage balance and poise, while the ensemble showcased a variety of skills, each scene well complemented by their repertoire of actions. Lighting that divided the stage into red and white halves for instance, clearly demarcated the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ sides of the internal struggles. There was a lot of creativity on show tonight, as both traditional and contemporary music were incorporated into the performance, yet never clashing, and feeling like a single, cohesive soundtrack that the dancers synchronized to perfectly, providing the dramatic impetus for most of the scenes.

One particular standout scene involved Elizabeth Chan Mei Qi playing the conflicted Doctor Mei, troubled as she attempts to save her young patient with futility, while the parents of said patient berate her to no end. She is surrounded by rolls of white tape, representing her conscience, and as she viciously tears it all apart, fully displays the breakdown of her mental stability, aesthetically pleasing and visually imaginative work from choreographer Ah Sen Hok Fen and guest choreographer juan, a dance duo. juan themselves were performers tonight, and along with Hong Kong dancer SKINNY, showcased some truly outstanding movement work, energetic and emotional in their portrayal.

For the company to have taken the risk to put up a single show at the Victoria Theatre, the Xin Yi Dance Company’s efforts have really paid off, a strong step in the right direction and evident pride in the work they put up. Xin Yi Dance Company is doing good work to carry on the tradition of Chinese Dance, putting up the agility, strength and beauty of its performers for all to see, and though unfamiliar with the local Chinese dance scene, we’d certainly jump at the chance to dive right back in again for future performances by them and see how they progress from here.

Performance attended 16/12/17.



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