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Theatre and Food: Fabulous French Food and Mouthwatering Wine at Ginnett

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Located right in the heart of town, Ginnett Wine and Bar is nestled on the first floor of the all new Hotel G at Bencoolen. Ginnett is the kind of restaurant you notice the moment you walk past it, with curious passers-by able to glimpse in at the energetic diners sipping away at tasty wine and curated cheese platters in the establishment.

Burrata cheese, as part of their ongoing Citrus Fiesta special menu

As you might expect, yes, Ginnett’s best foods are undoubtedly their fine selection of wines and cheeses. We were lucky enough to be hosted by Ginnett’s F&B Operations Manager Guillaume Places (an actual Frenchman, so he knows his stuff), as he introduced us to the various wines to be paired with our meal for the night. Although we didn’t order a cheese platter, we found that there’s also plenty more to be ordering here at this modern French ristorante.

Pan-seared Scallops, as part of their ongoing Citrus Fiesta menu

Currently, Ginnett is offering a special Citrus Fiesta seasonal menu, all the way till 2nd January 2018 creatively weaving in orange, lime and lemon to some of your favourite dishes. One of the standout items to us was no doubt the Pan-Seared Scallops, which came with a lemon reduction, pairing with the scallops’ taste perfectly.


With a wide range of offerings and open till the wee hours of the night, this al fresco style concept looks good and tastes good, not to mention gets served fast. Along with plenty of beer and cocktail options available, it’s an ideal place to chill out at after work.

Over at 25 Degrees, we definitely recommend the ‘Number 1’ Burger and Sonoran Hot Dog, both hearty and scrumptious meals that will fill up both your stomach and your soul.

Tuna Tartare with Wasabi

But even if you’re not ordering from their special menu, there’s so many amazing dishes available from their regular menu. For starters, consider getting their Tuna Tartare. Served in a rather large block, the first bite you take might take you by surprise – with a sharp taste of wasabi to cut through the fishy taste of the tuna, a fine way to open up your senses before starting the meal proper, and you’ll be wolfing it all down before long. Save your stomach though, because check out what we have for you next…

Have you ever seen such a generous helping of bone marrow? I don’t think so, but Ginnett does it. It’s not just the quantity that’s impressive; it’s a legitimately tasty serving that oozes with buttery goodness as we spread it over some crispy bread. Our eyes rolled up in pleasure as we wolfed it down, because it was that good. Even if you’ve never tried marrow before, or don’t dare to, this is a dish that will convince you to order one any chance you get.


Expertly mixed and well-balanced, this Mojito is the coolest way to refresh and perfect companion to unwind with after a long day of work. We can personally attest to them doing incredible cocktails across the board here (and even use a very generous dose of alcohol).

Duck Confit

French establishments almost always serve up duck confit, and tends to be a test of their quality. Ginnett impressed us with their take on the French standard, and the dish we were served look innocuous enough, but a single cut from our knife and the juice began to ooze out, awakening a primal hunger in us at just how decadent it looked sitting there and begging us to eat it. So we did, and we loved it.


We honestly had no idea this dish existed before tonight. But we were completely sold on it the moment we put a piece in our mouths. Quenelle is a strange looking dish to be sure, a slab of white fish dumpling drenched in yellow sauce. But putting aside visuals, this was a delectable item that pleased us to no end with its flavours, the sauce complementing the more plain fish rather well and masking its innate ‘fishiness’, while there remained just enough of it to complete the palate of the entire dish.


We’re not usually dessert people, but we decided that any good dessert wine deserves a good dessert to go along with it. And we were pleasantly surprised by how the desserts actually turned out to be one of the better, authentic French ones we’ve had. Of the three we tried, the standout was undoubtedly the mille feuille – simple in its presentation, but topped with a cream that was so light and practically melted in our mouths, complementing the crisp pastry perfectly. Meanwhile, the Baba au Rhum was a real potent delight – a pastry topped in a rich cream drenched in a special vanilla-infused rum syrup, sure to get you happy in no time.


Come to Ginnett for the fantastic hospitality (especially from Manager Guillaume), lively atmosphere, the fantastic wine, and a chance to try some truly impressive French food. This is the perfect place to chill out for pre-show wine or hang out for post-show discussions amongst friends. Warm and friendly, and sure to fulfil both your heart and appetite, we’ll be making another trip back to Ginnett before you know it to sample their cheese platter, and figure out what’s the best wines to pair with it…with a taste test of course.


This post is part of our ongoing Food and Theatre Series, where we introduce readers to places to catch a meal before or after a show. Ginnett is located right next to NAFA, as well as the other Arts campuses in Singapore, as well as conveniently close to the Drama Centre.

Where: Hotel G, 200 Middle Road, Singapore 188980
When: 7am – 1130pm Daily
Book Now or call +65 6809 7987

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