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Preview: Diva to the Death by Bite Me Productions


Admit it: who doesn’t want to see two larger than life personalities going head on, claw to claw and at each other’s throats?  This February, get those earrings off and file those nails to a point, because an all new immersive dining dining experience is here to satisfy your appetite for celebrity cat fights: Diva To The Death.

Created by all new production house Bite Me Productions and Jonathan Lim (of Chestnuts fame), with musical arrangement by award-winning composer Elaine Chan, watch as the iconic Monti at The Fullerton Pavilion transforms into a unique stage where the wigs will fly and war erupts over the prestigious title of…(cue drumroll) Queen of Monti!

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 2.43.33 AM

In one corner of the ring, we have glamorous and fiery jazz diva Destinee de Souza (Candice de Rozario), the undefeated, reigning queen of Monti for years as she croons one seductive tune after another, oozing with old school Hollywood charm. But her position is about to come under siege as Monti gets bought over by slimy tycoon Leung Tai Lup who’s about to bring some serious changes to the establishment. Enter luscious newcomer Mong Cha Cha (Audrey Luo), the getai princess who has her eyes square on the crown and will stop at nothing to topple that throne and claim her rightful position as Queen of Monti.


In one night, these divas will battle it out in a mix of bitchy comedy, raunchy drama and belting out one hit song after another, stopping at nothing to ensure one will emerge supreme in this comic clash of cultures. Diners, don’t be shy – you’ll be caught up in the madcap mayhem before you know it, as you simultaneously follow their antics and enjoy a specially designed, local cuisine-inspired supper menu that includes dishes from Chili Crab Kueh Pie Tee to Kaya Macarons. Get your tickets now, stake your seat at Monti and soon enough, you’ll find yourself throwing yourself right into the fray, cheering on your favourite diva in this unforgettable night of pure entertainment, with a smorgasbord of good music, tasty food and countless laughs.

Diva to the Death plays at Monti at The Fullerton Pavilion, 82 Collyer Quay, Singapore 049213 from 2nd February – 2nd March. Each ticket includes supper and 2 cocktails (or 2 non-alcoholic mocktails for non-drinkers), and are available from Peatix. On Fridays and Saturdays, guests can stay on after the show to continue partying as Monti transforms into The Hendricks, a 1920s-themed Jazz & Hip-hop club.

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