Of the many performance spaces within the Esplanade, there’s never been one quite as unique as the carpark, being used for the very first time by experimental theatre company Emergency Stairs as they return to Huayi with their new production Einstein In The Carpark.

Directed and conceptualized by Emergency Staris artistic director Liu Xiaoyi, Einstein In The Carpark takes inspiration from physicist Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity, which, if followed, suggests that if we can find a car moving at the speed of light, time will stand still, and space will cease. Here, two men meet in the unusual space of the Esplanade Basement Carpark – local musical theatre performer George Chan, and Kunqu opera expert Zhang Jun. How will they interact as they meet and perform with the word of their bodies, their respective songs, and portray their own extensive cultures and histories to each other?

Last seen organizing December’s Southernmost Festival at the Arts House, Emergency Stairs continues pushing theatrical boundaries with Einstein In the Carpark, and sees an exciting new collaboration as well with award-winning artists – lighting designer Lim Woan Wen and sound designer Darren Ng. Watch as East meets West and the past meets the present with Huayi’s very first site-specific theatre production.


Einstein In The Carpark plays at Esplanade B2 Carpark as part of Huayi 2018 from 1st – 4th March. Audience members to meet at carpark foyer 15 minutes before show begins. There will be no surtitles, and audience members are advised to dress and travel light. Tickets available from the Esplanade


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