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Preview: Swan Lake by American Ballet Theatre


The American Ballet Theatre is recognized as one of the most accomplished and respectable ballet companies in the entire world. And lucky for us, the Esplanade is bringing them in this March for a performance that’s worthy of their prestige – Swan Lake, probably the world’s most beloved ballet of all.

Swan Lake - C

Set to Tchaikovsky’s unforgettable, haunting score as accompanied by the Singapore Lyric Orchestra, the enchanting love story and dark fairy tale comes to life with some of American Ballet Theatre’s very best principal dancers, including Misty Copeland and Hee Seo. For ballet fans, this is the much watch show of the season. Even if you’re unfamiliar, Swan Lake is one of the most accessible ballets of all, and will almost certainly charm you over with its intricate choreography and stunning displays of grace from this premier production.

Photo Credit: Gene Schiavone

Swan Lake plays at the Esplanade Theatre from 15th – 18th March. Tickets available from Esplanade

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