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SIFA 2018: OCD Love by L-E-V Dance Company (Preview)

3 OCD LOVE photo by Regina Brocke

Enter the world of Israel based L-E-V Dance Company’s OCD Love. Based off Neil Hilborn’s famous viral spoken word poem about love lost to the speaker’s obsessive-compulsive disorder, OCD Love interprets the poem with a fierce viscerality, as dancers move to DJ Ori Lichtik’s techno beats to present an epic struggle between the head and the heart.

Stylistically abstract, watch as bodies move completely in sync with each other, orbiting and pulsating in a universe-like melding of light and shadow, constantly trying to but failing to connect, despite their hearts reaching desperately for each other. Opposing forces threaten to tear the dancers apart, something that appears complete, yet is riddled with flaws, a moving paradox that plays before your very eyes.

Choreographed by Sharon Eyal, in collaboration with fellow Israeli artist Gai Behar and sound artist Ori Lichtik, OCD Love promises a contemporary piece about love that just doesn’t make sense, lovers who miss each other by being out of sync with each other, yet inexplicably, they remain connected. As L-E-V’s dancers’ torsos fall and arms stretch out, every arabesque will leave you breathless as an irresistible visual treat, a mystery given form in this exploration of modern, imperfect and obsessive love.

Photo Credit: Gil Shani and Regina Brocke

OCD Love plays at the SOTA Drama Theatre from 5th – 6th May. Tickets available here

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