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Born in a village in Galilee in 1931,Palestinian poet Taha Muhammad Ali has been through many things – he fled with his family to a refugee camp in Lebanon in 1948 before returning to Nazareth where he ran a souvenir shop and taught himself classical Arabic literature and learnt English.

But through it all, he remained an unerring optimist, and in his works, celebrated the beauty of the Palestinian people, and humanity itself. Through his verse, he documents hope amidst 50 years of loss, and paints a power picture of survival despite the loss of his home, his lover, his friends and his shop in Saffureh in Galilee.

Directed by Amir Nizar Zuabi, TAHA adapts the life of Taha from Adina Hoffman’s critically acclaimed book of the poet’s life and works, and theatremaker Amer Hlehel crafts the piece into a moving solo performance as it weaves his inimitable lyrics into his life. Also performed by Hlehel, watch as this minimalist, one man show communicates the sorrow, humour, resilience and tender humanity of this extraordinary man and artist.

Photo Credit: Saheer Oubaid

TAHA plays at the KC Arts Centre from 4th – 5th May. Tickets available here

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