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SIFA 2018: The Hidden by Kamini Ramachandran (Preview)

2. Monument Series - The Hidden 02. Image courtesy of Karnan Balakrishnan

Who were the people who were here before us, and what were they seeking? Were they travellers, lovers, heroes or villains? Kamini Ramachandran, Singapore’s number one storyteller and a fierce proponent for the oral tradition, is here to answer that. Besides organising Storyfest, she’s managed to make time to take part in SIFA 2018, bringing a touch of oral magic to the festival with her new work The Hidden.

The Hidden is a site-specific work responding to the open call theme of Monuments, and Kamini has decided to anchor her show at the iconic, 183 year old Armenian Church, the oldest Christian church in Singapore. Bringing her signature style of storytelling combined with live music to the table, audiences will roam the church grounds as Kamini takes them through the chapel, the parsonage and finally, the memorial gardens under the stars as she brings to life the voices and stories of those who came before.

Located in the heart of the city, relax your mind and enter this sanctuary for the soul, and together with Kamini, let yourself into the world of the past and connect to these ancestors who came before us, and seek refuge in this monument, engaging in poignant reflection on stories and people past.

Photo Credit: Karnan Balakrishnan

The Hidden plays at the Armenian Church from 3rd – 6th May. Tickets are sold out. 



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