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NYFA 2018: Last Chance to Submit Your Film For A Shot At Greatness


The lead up to the final submission date of the National Youth Film Awards (NYFA) 2018 draws ever closer, with the last chance to submit your film ending this Friday!

Organised by *SCAPE, and supported by National Youth Council (NYC) and Sinema, NYFA is now in its fourth edition, and over the past few years, has firmly established itself as the premier platform and awards ceremony for youths to gain recognition for good work in film. But it’s not just directors who will be given the spotlight; NYFA seeks to recognise each and every contributing member of the team, from cast to gaffers, with categories for just about every role in film to receive validation for a job well done.

Besides the recognition and wearing any accolades with a badge of pride (potentially leading to getting noticed by industry professionals and opportunities to work in film in future), NYFA also offers up to $75,000 worth of prizes for its winners, including cash prizes starting at $1,000 and up, professional film courses worth $15,000 and even fast track access to film grant applications with Honour Singapore. In addition, this year will introduce video streaming platform HOOQ as a new partner, who will stream selected nominees’ films in a dedicated section of the site, reaching countries as far as Thailand and the Philippines.

And perhaps the most revolutionary aspect of all is the fact that this year, NYFA will extend its reach far beyond its past three years of only allowing entries from educational institutions, introducing the all new Open Youth Category, where anyone between the age of 15 and 35 can submit an entry, whilst still preserving the past years’ Student Category. One can only expect a wealth of new entries to come into NYFA’s hands, and discover some potential gems. Even if you’ve never been formally trained, or have very little experience in filmmaking, there’s absolutely no harm giving it a shot and getting that boost of confidence you never knew you needed to catapult you into the first steps of an actual film career, and we fully encourage anyone with a story to tell to submit a film.

Last weekend, we spotted a number of enthusiastic, would be (or already well on their way to becoming) young filmmakers at a NYFA conference organised by *SCAPE, each one all ears and attention fully focused on the industry professionals at hand to share tips and tricks to getting ahead in the industry, from filmmakers to distributors. All it takes is one bold step, one good film, and who knows? You might just find yourself on that platform on 28th July, all smiles as you receive your award, as someone to look out in the years to come.

NYFA is organised by *SCAPE and supported by National Youth Council and Sinema. This is YOUR last chance to submit your short film. Submissions to NYFA 2018 are open from now till 18 May 2018. Register now!

For more information, read our Interview with SCAPE Programmes manager Lingual Tan here, and visit the official NYFA website here.

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