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Review: Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow 2018

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow is always welcome back to Singapore shores year on year. Bringing back the very best of Australia’s up and coming comedians, attending a show guarantees a good night out and more than a couple of laughs along the way.


This year’s edition saw five standups take to the stage, as each of them brought their A-game and their keen eye and ear for the most absurd, laugh out loud things in life.

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This year’s edition was hosted by Cal Wilson, a New Zealander-Australian best known for her appearances across various television shows. It’s not hard to see why Cal was chosen – there’s an abundance of confidence that overflows from the scarlet haired emcee, and she knows exactly how to hype up the crowd with her brand of humour, lively and with a cheeky grin on her face. Cal sets the mood just right as she introduces each comedian, cleverly giving us more than just a name and biography, and we were absolutely entertained by her each time she stepped onstage during the night.

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Our first full length act of the night was from Australia based Sri Lankan Dilruk Jayasinha. In his act, Dilruk capitalised on his best feature – his face, as he describes how it could go on just about any motivational poster, centering his act around that conceit, while also discussing the various medical tests and medical check ups he goes through for some fun medical humour to kick off our night.

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Next up, along comes seasoned writer Mel Buttle, on of the hosts of The Great Australian Bake Off. Mel brings to the stage stories of her dog Ruby, as she commented on being a dog person and brought out the simple yet hilarious moments on how that has shaped and affected her life thus far, and it’s not hard to see why her witty writing is such a frequent sight and enjoyed by so many.

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Post-intermission, we were introduced to Mumbai-born, Australian based Rahul Subramanian. Entering the stage bleary-eyed and donning a panda t-shirt, it looked as if he’d just woke up, setting the casual tone for his act. Rahul is the kind of standup who excels because he can tell a joke with a straight face, and his series of jokes about office politics struck a chord with the crowd. In addition, as a relatively young comedian, Rahul plays on generational humour such as the horror of inept family members joining the world of social media, the pains of growing up and even spins the potentially unpleasant incident of losing his laptop in Hong Kong into a gold mine for humour, making him a definite rising star to watch for in future.

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The night ended off with the young but already established Nick Cody. Nick possesses a certain degree of star power, having once made an appearance on the Conan show in the US, and carries himself with a kind of casual confidence that makes his act work so well. Coming out onstage dressed in skintight jeans, Nick joked that he’d been wearing these same jeans since Hong Kong, even adding that after wearing out a hole in them, it now made for better ventilation. Nick’s humour veers into some truly unique topics, ranging from jokes about class like what exactly is pâté, and even his own personal experiences in travelling, from wishing he had his own private plane, to how teenagers eventually had to get over hostels and move on to Airbnbs instead (trust us, it’s funnier than it sounds).

With that, another successful round of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow has made its triumphant return to Singapore, showing us that there’s plenty of talent from Down Under we’ve yet to witness, each one full of sharp wit and humour we’ll no doubt be thinking about when work gets us down, and suddenly, sporadically, have us breaking out a smile.

Performance attended 19/7/18

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival Roadshow 2018 takes place at the KC Arts Centre from 19th – 21st July. Tickets available from SISTIC 

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