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Preview: The Secret Garden Supper Club by ANDSOFORTH


ANDSOFORTH have a good thing going with their immersive dining experiences, having tackled themes ranging from a psychedelic mind trip to a twisted fairy tale world. Now, they’ve discovered the key to a secret garden, and to celebrate, they’ve decided to host a series of intimate suppers!

The Secret Garden Supper Club requires adventurous diners to firstly find a secret door, pulling back the ivy that’s grown around it to be rewarded with a lovely rosemary gin-fizz. Pull back the vines and you’ll find yourself in an urban oasis as you sit down for a lavish five course meal (featuring herbs and flowers sourced locally), and transporting you straight to the English countryside. Attended to by a gardener, he’ll be there to heed your every word and tend to your every weed- sorry, need.

In this new mini-series, ANDSOFORTH are stepping up their game yet again through an all new collaboration with London-based supper club The Literary Hour, best known for their multi-sensory dinners that bring their favourite books to life (their next one will be Treasure Island). Along with the help of floral designers With Every,  the three companies will join forces as they bring the magical world of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden to life before your very eyes.

The Secret Garden Supper Club runs till 5th August at a secret location. Tickets are now sold out. For more information on upcoming shows, visit Andsoforth

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