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Preview: Joshua Bell and SCO – Butterfly Lovers


A classically trained violinist and a Chinese Orchestra may seem like an odd fit, but you’d be surprised at the sheer quality of the music they can produce together. This August, watch as Grammy Award winning violinist Joshua Bell returns to perform with the Singapore Chinese Orchestra!

On the repertoire, Bell and the SCO will come together to perform one of the most famous works in Chinese Orchestra history: the classic violin concerto Butterfly Lovers. The piece is odd in that it was written for the western style orchestra, but features a solo violin played using some Chinese techniques, with many Chinese melodies, chord structures and patterns. The concerto itself is played in a single movement, but is broken into seven distinct sections, each telling a different part of the Chinese classic folktale the Butterfly Lovers, about the legend of tragic lovers Liang Shanbao and Zhu Yingtai.

Other masterpieces to be played during the concert including Thaïs: Méditation, Zigeunerweisen and Tambourin Chinois. Bell himself will also be bringing his own team to record the entire concert, and the SCO is both thrilled and honoured that they remain the first and only Chinese Orchestra Bell has played alongside. Don’t miss this chance to catch a master in action, as Joshua Bell brings the tragedy of the Butterfly Lovers to life this August at the Esplanade.

Joshua Bell and SCO: Butterfly Lovers plays at the Esplanade Concert Hall on 30th August. Tickets available here For the full SCO 2018/19 season, visit their website here

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