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Preview: Kit Chan [25 Years On: A Time for Everything] Concert by KKBOX and Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay


Just about every Singaporean has heard Kit Chan before, most likely via our most beloved National Day song ‘Home’. But beyond that, our national icon and pop diva has had an incredibly illustrious career over the last 25 years, ranging from the lead role in hit musical Forbidden City, to countless Mandarin and Cantonese hits.

Presented by KKBOX, Asia’s leading music streaming service and Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, 25 Years On: A Time for Everything marks a return and reemergence for the singer, and hints at an entire tour soon to come following the concert in November. Held at the Esplanade Theatre, one of Kit’s favourite performance venues, Kit explains: “Whether as a singer or as someone in the audience, Esplanade has always been my favourite performance venue. Being able to stage a show here is rather befitting of my current relaxed state of mind and being. I really want to thank KKBOX and Esplanade for making my dream of holding the anniversary concert here possible.”

Taking on the role of creative director, Kit will use the opportunity to celebrate not just how far she’s come, but also the current state of mind she’s in, consolidating 25 years of experience and performance into a single two hour concert. Her set list will include favourites such as Worry (擔心), Heartache (心痛) and If There Are Seasons《天冷就回来》, Waiting《等了又等》, along with unexpected covers and all new tracks for the first time. 

Expect her performance to be accompanied by intricate lighting design and visuals to share her life story, measured not in the number of achievements and accolades she’s received, but the the experiences and people she’s encountered along the way and shaped who she is today. Come join Kit on this intimate journey into her life, and see how she has learnt to appreciate life to its fullest, and how there is a time for everything. 

The Kit Chan [25 Years On: A Time for Everything] Concert plays at the Esplanade Theatre on 9th and 10th November 2018. Tickets available from the Esplanade

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