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Preview: ETHNI-CITY III – Kali Yuga by SAtheCollective

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Art collective SAtheCollective presents their latest offering as part of their ETHNI-CITY series this October. Bringing together Singapore’s diversity of cultures and ethnicities, ETHNI-CITY aims to unite our country using the universal language of music, bringing together artists of different backgrounds and practices, from musicians to dancers, and even calligraphers.

With their third instalment, ETHNI-CITY III: Kali Yuga takes inspiration from Sanskrit scripture and the Mahabharata, and features a multidisciplinary work designed to raise awareness of the pervasive powers that corrupt, control, and detach human beings from one another and Mother Nature. Through the performance, SAthecollective then channels their own energy to others, using technology in the art-making process and help others rediscover their autonomy, in a domino, butterfly effect that allows Man, Nature and Technology to coexist in peace.

As with each show, SAthecollective continues to innovate new ways to assimilate one another’s arts and cultures, with the hopes of investigate and steering Singapore’s cultural identity towards transculturalism. Through their work, ETHNI-CITY then becomes a project to shatter the misconception that ethnic arts is restricted to traditional ones. As society progresses, so should our arts, and with the space provided for positive collaboration, SAthecollective may then bridge the gap between ethnic groups, and once again find the ties that bind, human to human.

ETHNI-CITY III: Kali Yuga plays at the Flexible Performance Space at LASALLE College of the Arts from 26th to 27th October 2018. Tickets are free with reservation from Peatix

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