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In London’s (Off) West-End 2019: Of Our Own Making by Something Underground (Preview)


LONDON – Award-winning London theatre company Something Underground launches a brand new play this January, Set against the Syrian refugee crisis, and after years of young people being radicalised into terrorist groups, groomed into drugs gangs in London, or Far Right groups across a post-Brexit Britain, the play, titled Of Our Own Making, asks what role society has in creating “monsters”.

Written by Something Underground artistic director Jonathan Brown, the play follows the plight of 4 refugees and their journeys from the shores of Libya into the heart of Europe, as audiences embark on a trip into their hearts, meeting a nosy tabloid reporter along the way as the papers demonise immigrants to swing Brexit. Meanwhile, we witness the online grooming of an isolated young Parsifal watch his decline out of the hands of a society that has forgotten him, and into the hands of those who prey on this disenchantment. In another storyline, an Iraqi doctor, previously conscripted into IS, becomes de-radicalized.

Starring Natali Servat, Hamza Siddique, and Vincent Kerschbaum, writer Jonathan comments on the team: “I’m deeply honoured to be working with so many experienced people. It’s a wonderful smorgasboard of talent, and so relevant to the tale we want to tell. That even behind the evils we create, are the humans that we are.”

Of Our Own Making runs from 30th January to 16th February 2019 at the Tara Theatre, Earlsfield, Wandsworth, London. Tickets available here

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