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Preview: Anak Melayu by Teater Kami


In conjunction with their 30th Anniversary celebration this year, Teater Kami is set to restage Anak Melayu – a play that was first staged in 1992 at The Substation, as written and directed by a then 18 year old Noor Effendy Ibrahim.

Anak Melayu follows six Malay teenagers going through a tumultuous period in their lives as they attempt to find themselves and discover those around them in a rollercoaster of friendship, brawling, sexuality and vices.

In 1992, Anak Melayu adopted a Theatre of Ambiguity presentation format, given a realistic treatment and becoming play on morality. Today, in this new version directed by Adib Kosnan, does it still have the same effect as it did 27 years ago? Starring Tysha Khan,Amirah Yahya, Masturah Oli, Hafiz Hanafi, Mish’aal Syed Nasar and Fadhil Daud, watch how this sensitive play continues to draw on the power of hard truths to continue striking at real emotion across audience members.

Anak Melayu plays from 27th February to 2nd March 2019 at the Malay Heritage Centre. Tickets available here

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