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Museum Musings: Stories of a Woman and Her Dowry by Yanyun Chen

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Winner of the People’s Choice Award for her work at the President’s Young Talents 2019 (PYT 2019), Yanyun Chen is already back with a new work this March, as Grey Projects presents Stories of a Woman and Her Dowry.

Best known for her charcoal-based practices (which also featured prominently in PYT 2019 with her work The scars that write us), this new exhibition deals with the story of Yanyun and her grandmother, a relationship that finds friction in actions and beliefs due to their generations apart. Her grandmother, a woman wedded off in the 1950s for a substantial dowry, Yanyun uses her work to question the price of a bride, the value of a person and the marital economy, and in turn, her own determination to refuse to be priced and her own perceived ‘worthlessness’ in light of the lack of a numerical value attached.

Coupled with calligraphy by Yong Gee Lin, come catch the Yale-NUS lecturer’s deeply personal solo exhibition as it reflects on the continuity of tradition and the price one can put on a lifetime.

Stories of A Woman and Her Dowry runs at Grey Projects, 6B Kim Tian Road from 16th March to 27th April 2019. Admission is free, for more information visit their Facebook page here

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