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Preview: VCH Excite! My Muse – Rani Singam presented by Singapore Symphony Orchestra


Rani Singam, Singapore’s ‘first lady of jazz’, takes to the stage this April as part of the Singapore Symphony Orchestra’s (SSO)’s VCH Excite! series. Taking the form of a music-movie concept, Rani Singam will tell the story of our collective lives through both narration and song, inspired particularly by “Remember”, the love theme from the movie Cinema Paradiso which forms part of the programme.

During the programme, audiences are invited to experience the concert as a movie – where one enters a world of musical stories filled with love, companionship, fulfilment, life’s curved balls, disappointments and tragedies. Expect to hear varied and unexpected music across genres, ranging from classical to pop to jazz, as arranged by the inventive and evocative Chok Kerong.

As one of our most sought-after and accomplished contemporary vocalists, the critically acclaimed Rani Singam is set to sail her way into your heart with her voice this April, as you dive into the world of nostalgia and memories. Expect the unexpected, and prepare for some wonderful musical twists with My Muse – Rani Singam! 

VCH Excite! My Muse – Rani Singam plays at the Victoria Concert Hall on 6th April. Tickets available from SISTIC

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